Chopin's Piano Sonata in B Flat Minor Opus 35 - Further analyses - Walker and others



Example 28: The use of the minor third in the Scherzo[166]


The use of minor third in Scherzo


Another thematic link noted by Walker, one that does not appear in the writings of Leichtentritt or Réti, is the subtle integration of the strongly contrasted Trio to the Scherzo itself. Example 29 shows the striking similarity between the concluding bars of the Scherzo and the theme of the Trio. In addition, Walker notes that the Trio theme also looks forward to the Trio section of the Funeral March, as illustrated in Example 30. Thus this Trio theme is strongly linked thematically not only to the Scherzo but also the Funeral March:


[166] ibid., p. 244.


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