Chopin's Piano Sonata in B Flat Minor Opus 35 - The Finale



Table 2: Structural outline of the Finales of Chopin's sonatas opus 35 and

opus 58[242]


Structural outline of Finales of Chopin�s Sonatas opus 35 and opus 58


There are, however, two important differences. Firstly, in opus 35 there is no repetition of the secondary subject or the second recapitulation of the main subject. Cholopow maintains that although this contracts the scheme of bi-thematic rondo form, it does not contradict its "rondo-like" quality.[243] Secondly, the extraordinary terseness of the main subject of opus 35 differs markedly from the expansiveness of that in opus 58. Cholopow attributes these differences to the small dimensions of the Finale of opus 35.[244]


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