Chopin's Piano Sonata in B Flat Minor Opus 35 - The Finale



Cholopow's harmonic analysis of this Finale (as shown in Appendix B) has thus uncovered some interesting details. The outline of key subject material and underlying harmonies allows for the identification of an overall structure of an apparently obscure movement. These findings are contrary to the criticisms noted earlier - obscure, undefined harmony, lack of subjects and lack of formal clarity. Cholopow's observation that this Finale is similar in structural outline to Chopin's other movements in rondo form provides further substantiation for the belief that this movement does exhibit a clear formal structure. It is also possible that Chopin was comfortable with the Finale of opus 35, or else he probably would not have used a similar structural outline five years later in opus 58, given the negative critical appraisal relating to opus 35.



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