Chopin's Piano Sonata in B Flat Minor Opus 35 - The early analyses - Leichtentritt and Reti



whole group tends. Réti also believes that Chopin had Motif Ib from the Grave in mind when he formed the Scherzo theme.[143] Example 16 shows the material from bars 9 to 11, which expresses motif I in its full course from D-flat to B-flat to A-flat.


Example 16: Use of motif Ib in the Scherzo[144]


Use of Motif Ib in Scherzo


The links do not end here. As illustrated in Example 17, motif II emerges next, in bars 17 to 20, though the stepwise descent of four notes is adjusted to the 3/4 rhythm of the Scherzo.


Example 17: Use of motif II in the Scherzo[145]


Use of Motif II in Scherzo


If motifs I and II are to be found in the first subject of the first movement and the main theme of the Scherzo, it is possible that the Trio of the Scherzo would reflect the first movement's second subject. Comparing the latter reveals that this is indeed the case, as shown in Example 18:


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